• Akashic Records Festival
    23 Sept, 19:00 – 26 Sept, 19:00
    Passow, Am Schloßpark 1, 16306 Passow, Germany
    Yoga and Music workshop at Akashic Records Festival by Project Playground happening in September 23-26 in East Germany.
  • The fire of dancing stillness
    01 Aug, 19:30 – 02 Aug, 21:30
    Livorno, Viale Italia, 56, 57127 Livorno LI, Italy
    A sunset fire element inspired yoga practice followed by an ecstatic dance
  • The Wind of Prana
    16 Jul, 19:00 – 22:00
    Amsterdam, Laurierstraat 109, 1016 PL Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Breath and Energy meets Beats of Balance
  • Katzensprung Festival
    02 Jul, 15:00
    Kerpen, Kerpen (Eifel), 54578 Kerpen, Germany
    Music and Yoga workshop at the Katzensprung Festival, happening the first weekend of July (1-3) in the German forests near Cologne.
  • Karismatik La Apertura
    05 Jun, 15:00
    Amsterdam, IJdijk 10, 1095 KN Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Is there a better idea than to start a party with a musical yoga flow to relax you and slowly guide you into merging with music?
  • Streamflow - Villa Fabbricotti
    22 May, 15:00
    Livorno, Viale della Libertà, 30, 57127 Livorno LI, Italy
    A water element-inspired yoga flow tailored with music, in a beautiful park immersed in nature.
  • Becoming The Wind - Villa Fabbricotti
    12 May, 18:00
    Livorno, Viale della Libertà, 30, 57127 Livorno LI, Italy
    A air element inspired yoga and music flow in a beautiful park in Livorno, immersed in nature. Option to stay for some music and a vegan happy hour after the practice.